A 35-year-old man who was out on bond on burglary and drug charges was arrested for trespassing late Sunday night after deputies out on patrol found him at an East Naples shopping plaza he had been banned from three days earlier.
Enrique Laureano of 2845 Pine Run Road in North Naples also faces a charge of possession of a controlled substance.

Around 10 p.m. Sunday deputies were out patrolling the area of Radio Road Plaza, 6000 Radio Road when they spotted Laureano, who was carrying a flashlight, and another man walking through the plaza at a hurried pace, arrest reports say. The men started walking even faster upon spotting deputies in their marked patrol vehicle.

Deputies became suspicious due to recent reports of burglaries and narcotics activity in the plaza and requests from some business owners for increased sheriff’s patrols, reports say.

Deputies made contact with both men. Further investigation revealed Laureano had been issued a trespassing warning from the entire plaza on Nov. 19 due to his prior involvement with narcotics there, reports say.

Deputies also found that Laureano was out on bond stemming from his Oct. 4 arrest on burgary and narcotics charges. He is charged with entering a vehicle that was parked in a public lot off Golden Gate Parkway in Golden Gate and stealing property. At the time of his arrest, he was carrying a backpack that was found to contain illegal narcotics including Xanax and THC vape cartridges.

On Sunday, deputies also recovered narcotics from Laureano for which he did not have a prescription and charged him accordingly.

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