An East Naples man was arrested today and charged with a felony after detectives say he pointed a laser light at a Collier County Sheriff’s Office helicopter.

Michael Christian Adcox, 43, of 1328 Wildwood Lakes Blvd. Unit 5, is charged with misuse of a laser lighting device, a third-degree felony.

A crew was flying Air1 on patrol over the area of Davis and Santa Barbara boulevards about 1 a.m. Monday when they became engaged by a green laser light shining inside the aircraft. The laser hit the tactical flight officer in one of his eyes, causing him to lose sight for a few seconds.

The pilot then flew the helicopter toward the laser while the tactical flight officer looked for where the laser was coming from. They determined the laser was coming from the Wildwood Lakes area.

Using infrared technology, crew members then closed in on the area and pinpointed a suspect, later identified as Adcox. They maintained observation on Adcox and guided patrol deputies on the ground to his residence.

Adcox admitted to pointing the laser but told deputies it was an accident.

Further investigation by detectives revealed Adcox repeatedly flashed the laser at the CCSO helicopter. The activity lasted two to three minutes. Probable cause for his arrest was established.

Detectives located Adcox at his residence today and took him into custody.

Florida State Statute 784.062-3a says “any person who knowingly and willfully shines, points, or focuses the beam of a laser lighting device on an individual operating a motor vehicle, vessel, or aircraft,” can be charged with a third-degree felony.

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